‘Peace’ Of Glass

This was a very simple, cheap and quick art project I created!

I went to few a thrift stores a while back and bought about 5 old frames, with the intention of spray painting the frames and reusing them… I had an attempt at spray painting one but it turns out that this is not one of my talents; it was basically a lumpy epic fail.  So I had a useless frame sitting in the spare room for a couple of weeks when I was struck with the inspiration of Christmas, John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War is Over) and peace on earth… I took the frame, removed the glass and threw away the rest (please be careful, it is glass, safety first)!  I then picked some words, I used the dictionary definition of Peace “Peace; freedom from war or disturbance”, and painted them onto the glass in a vibrant, happy yellow – but you could use your favourite quote.

Job done.

I will probably lean it against the back of a bedside table or place it on top of a stack of paper.  But I think I am on to something here and this would also look great with the frame still attached, or on an old mirror!

Watch this space!!



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