DIY Painted Branches

This is going to be sort of a two-part post as I am going to make an addition to this, which I will post the results of hopefully tomorrow – if it all goes to plan…

So anyway, I had been wanting to do the whole painted branch thing for a while, but whenever I went to the park all the branches were too brittle, too short,  too thick, too wrong.  Whenever I would pop into the shops for a tall glass vase to put them in they never had anything tall. Then one day (out thrift shopping again!) I came across exactly the vase I had been looking for, and what’s more it even came with white stones in the bottom! All for the wonderful price of $6. I purchased the vase, cleaned and polished it all and put it in the spare room to be forgotten.

A few weeks later I just so happened to be looking after a friends daughter and I decided to take her to a park, and what do you know? The park was covered in the perfect branches.  My enthusiasm must have worn off on Miss 8, as she decided she would like to take several of them home too (much to her mother’s delight).

Not much is required here in the tools and directions department, as all you need is branches, a vase, some stones (you could also get these from the park and paint them to save $$), and paint of your colour choice – I used white acrylic.

The branches did require about 3 coats of paint since it was white.  I also added my own little touch; some grey wool wrapped around a small section of  couple of the branches.  I just like to mix textures and textiles, hard and soft, wood and fabric.

I also think they would look very cool and contemporary if you dipped just the ends in a neon or bright colour paint.







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