Making A Bird House Decoration

So this is the second part of the Painted Branches post, I wanted to do something more with the painted branches, something to make them a little different and quirky.  That’s when I came up with this very quick and easy cardboard bird house decoration.  This is how I created it:

 ScissorsCrop2Tools Required:

An old piece of cardboard
A twig
25cm (approx) piece of wool or string
PVA or craft glue
Paint brush


  1.  Cut a strip of cardboard about 4cm wide x 23cm long and then fold the card to make a 5 sided house silhouette TIP: I measured my folds at 5cm for the bottom and 4.5cm for each side and each roof side, then placed my ruler firmly on each line and made my fold against the ruler to get a straight fold.
  2. Fasten the silhouette with a small piece of cellotape on the inside, and outside if needed. Lay the silhouette on your card and trace the inside with a pencil, repeat so you have a front and back.
  3. Make sure each front and back fits snugly within the silhouette, pop the front back out and draw a ‘bird’ hole, cut the hole out. Create a small hole for the twig and push the twig in securing with a bit of glue.
  4. push the front of the house in the silhouette and from the back stick the front in place with a generous amount of glue using your paintbrush.
  5. Pop a small hole in the peak of the roof  and thread the ends of the wool or string through and tie a knot underneath
  6. Gently pres the back side of the bird house into the silhouette and apply a generous amount of glue to stick it all together.
  7. Leave to dry overnight.

I have left mine as is, but you might like to paint yours or cover with some funky patterned scrap-booking paper or fabric.

Mine was made to hang off my Painted Branches, but also looks good as an ornament or would make a great a Christmas decoration project for the kids!










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