A Jewel In The Crown – Erin Cooper Designs

Don’t you love it when you find something cool and original, something that’s custom-made that you know none of your friends have?  Or finding a new designer before the whole world does?  Well that’s what I have done… I stumbled across Erin Cooper Designs, while perusing WordPress fashion blogs, and I think I have found a true ‘jewel in the crown’.

All the jewellery is handmade by Erin using semi precious stones based on the healing properties of the stones.  Each pieces has a meaning and a story behind it, from the properties of the stones, to the colours chosen, and the selected charms and their meaning.  Most importantly though, they are very cool, well priced and she will even custom make you something!

I feel like you can see a definitive personality in this jewellery, it’s cool, casual and street.  Click HERE to check out the ECD blog, or HERE to see what’s currently listed for sale on Made it.

Here are my top picks:

Erin_Cooper_Designs_Faceted hematite_with_a_black_French_coin

Faceted Hematite with a Black French Coin


Double Skull Obsidian Bracelet

Erin_Cooper_Designs_Angels &_Kings_Bracelet_Trio

“Angels & Kings” Bracelet Trio


“Midnight Stack” Bracelet Trio


“Jealousy” Obsidian Spikes


Agate Slice Necklace


“Skulls & Angels” Necklace

Erin_Cooper_Designs_French Coin_Crown_and_Tassel

French Coin, Crown and Tassel (I have ordered this)


Angel Wing Earrings


Erin Cooper Designs Jewellery in Action


Erin Cooper Designs Jewellery in Action

All photos are courtesy of Erin Cooper Designs blog, made it, or facebook page.


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