DIY Embossed Glass

This is a very quick and easy DIY project!

 ScissorsCrop2Tools Required:

An old piece of glassware like an old jar or wine bottle (I will be using a wine bottle)
Hot glue gun
Hot glue gun glue


  1. Take your chosen piece of glass  and remove the label – this is easily done if you place the jar or bottle in a sink with very hot water (I usually use boiling water from the jug), cover all the label and let it soak for about 1/2 an hour, it should scrape off fairly easy and you can usually remove any remaining sticky residue with a scourer and a bit of elbow grease!  Then dry with a tea towel.
  2. Heat up your hot glue gun and write any thing you desire on the glass.  Allow 10 minutes for glue to dry and then pull off all the ‘glue strings’.

It’s really that easy!!



DIY Embossed_Glass_3



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