The DIY “$5 Bucket Stool”

I’m sure you have all seen the “$5 Bucket Stool” come up in your Facebook or Instagram feed, or maybe you have even pinned it on Pinterest like I had.

I finally had some time to give it a go…  and I must say I am pretty happy with my result!!  But you should know this is not a $5 stool – more like $20-$30, it was around $10 just for a 1.2m length of 25mm pine dowel from Bunnings.  But I do have left over cement and paint which could be used again to make more stools or other concrete projects.  I also wanted to make mine to be used as a bedside table in the spare room, so I went a bit longer with the legs to suit the bed it will be sitting next to.  Here’s how I did it and my results – the link to the full instructional I used is at the bottom of the page.

DIY $5 Bucket Stool

DIY Bucket Stool 8

DIY Bucket Stool 7

See the full instructional on the HomeMade Modern website here:  This is also a great link for some different styles and pointers (I wish I had seen this before making mine and I would have wire wrapped the legs):

Terrarium from Gardens In Glass, linen from Kmart Australia.



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